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-an Integrated Health Education Initiative

The Staying Alive Health Project for the promotion of health education, empowerment and illness prevention was launched for the public and all healthcare workers in Orthodox and Complementary medicine with 2 successful introductory talks by Dr Kevin Baker (Integrative Health Physician in General Medical Practice in Kapiti) on the Kapiti Coast in February 2011.

Kym Murden Baker, Medical Herbalist, is now also offering talks & workshops.

WINTER 2012 Program


     “An Introduction to the Staying Alive Health Project” - Kevin

Here we will explore our health needs, the role of stress in health & disease, the place of healing and introduce an informative and empowering ancient integrative model of health.  A one hour talk followed by Q&A.

DATE: Wednesday 27th June, 10:00-11:30am.
ENUE: Reikorangi Community Hall, Akatarawa Road, Reikorangi

COST: $5 Unwaged, $8 Waged, on the door.

     “Herbs for Health at Home” - Kym

An introductory course of four sessions exploring all aspects of some easy to find and grow herbs that can safely be used as remedies in the home for everyday needs and common ailments for all the family.  The sessions will take place in a relaxed setting in which we can explore and come to understand a few herbs in depth, and the diversity of ways in which they can be used.

DATES: Monday  23  & 30 July 6 & 13 August, 10am to 12 noon
VENUE: Anam Cara, 264 Ngatiawa Rd Reikorangi
COST: $70

     “Herb Workshop - Make your own Herbal Cough Remedy!” - Kym

A hands on workshop where we will make a classic winter standby "Thyme and Licorice Syrup", using the finest ingredients, which you will be able to take home to use, either as simple syrup, or make into your own tailored made remedy using herbs from the Clinic dispensary.  The session will cover the basics of syrup and linctus making, and suitable herbs for winter remedies.

All materials, handouts & morning tea included.

DATE: Wednesday 25 July, 9.30am to 12.30pm
VENUE: Anam Cara, 264 Ngatiawa Rd Reikorangi
COST: $60

Booking essential for both events.

For further information or to book a place please contact Kym on 04 293 6472 or email kym.murden@googlemail.com 

     "Your Healing.....Your Health" - Kevin

Many of us do not fully appreciate how much the state of our health rests within our own hands. The art of healing has drifted away from mainstream health discourse. Here we explore the implications of these understandings and the practical means for attending to such. A one hour talk followed by Q&A.

DATE: Wednesday 4th July 7:45-9:15pm
VENUE: Kapiti Community Centre, 15 Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu
COST: $5 Unwaged, $8 Waged, on the door.


     "Your Healing.....Your Health Workshop" - Kevin

Further to the introductory talk on this theme in this informative and inspirational one day workshop we create the opportunity to look at and work in depth with understandings and strategies that will enable us to feel more energised and inspired as well as at peace with ourselves.

DATE: Saturday 7th July 10:00am-5:00pm
VENUE: Kapiti Community Centre, 15 Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu
COST:  $55 Unwaged, $75 Waged.

Booking in advance essential by 6th July.                                                        

     "Healing Solutions : Constellations Day" - Kevin

This inspiring & powerful tool enables us to find a way forwards with a range of major issues such as addictions, depression and relationship difficulties that have roots within our family backgrounds. In addition virtually any issue that we have causing us major concern or distress can be addressed in a constructive manner to uncover the path to resolution.

"Within the circle of the family respect and listening are the source of harmony" the Buddha

DATE: Saturday 14th July 9:30am-5:30pm
VENUE: Reikorangi Community Hall, Reikorangi, WAIKANAE
COST:  $60 Unwaged $80:00 Waged.

Booking in advance essential by 7th July.                                                               

See Constellations for further information.

Please Note:  The Reikorangi Community Hall is located just over 4kms inland from SH#1 at the Waikanae junction, on Akatarawa Road, past St Andrews Church in Reikorangi and on the right hand side adjacent the tennis court.

Further Talks & Workshops will be held during the next cycle of the Spring Program in October/November 2012. Dates to be confirmed in August.