"Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth"

The Staying Alive Health Project is an evolving project that will address health issues for the general public. Specialist events will also be available for healthcare workers. The project will provide an opportunity to explore and discuss issues that have an impact on our overall state of health.  It will create an educational forum and promote dialogue and practices that enable our fuller understanding of how we can stay healthy or bring ourselves back to a positive experience of health as necessary.

Within our modern culture and environment there are a multitude of factors that can influence our health for better or for worse. As we become more aware of these factors we find ourselves in a stronger position to influence the health of both ourselves and our families through making more informed choices, promoting our own better health and reducing the burden of illness on us as individuals as well as within our community and society.

With over 70% of illness, including chronic degenerative disease and cancer, being due to lifestyle and environmental factors and 8-9% of GDP in NZ going to the health system, and rising, our current strategies for health management may soon become unsustainable in our current global situation.

" Staying alive to the potential of ourselves, everyone we meet and the world we inhabit is the best free medicine for physical and mental health. Of course from time to time we lose that vital connection to the flow of life and fall back on repetitive thinking and old habits.The work of Dr Kevin Baker provides a real support to the task of staying alive. His warmth, his humanity and wide range of experience across many forms of healing make him an honest and reliable support for this journey."
James Low PhD: International Buddhist Teacher, Scholar, Author and Consultant Psychotherapist UK

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